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Scoops & News at a Glance

Emily undergoes surgery and also decides to take chemo.  Luke learns more secrets about Summer, (has she been playing Luke and Lucky as fools?)  Courtney is injured from a fall and ends up in GH.  Dillon is upset when he figures out what his Mom is really like.  Luke goes to Wyndemere with plans of burning it down!

With everyone ordering a hit on everyone else, Sonny orders a hit on Jax! Alexis narrowly escapes Sonny finding out the truth about Baby Kristina. Liz finds out that three's a crowd when Emily and Courtney form a fast friendship.

Stephen Nichols will resume the role of Stefan Cassadine on ABC's General Hospital.

  Liz is pregnant. Ric is Sonny's brother.  Skye not a Quartermaine.  

  Zander asks Emily to marry him.  Liz helps Ric to escape from Taggert....but she will have regrets.  Scott crosses over to PC. Tracy and Jax form an alliance.

Older Scoops & News

Ned warns Alexis that she may lose custody of little Kristina for good. Alexis rushes to the Quartermaine mansion when she learns of the gatehouse fire and trashes Ned in front of a news camera. Edward then alerts the judge on Alexis's case of her televised tirade, believing that he's that much closer to getting control of his little heir. Monica becomes an ally with Ned and Alexis and Skye discovers the truth behind Edward's latest scheme.

Jax decides to use his brains not brawn against Sonny and will be without a woman for a while. Someone will be revealed as a possible love interest for him soon.

Sonny will find out Carly supposedly slept with Ric and some of Ric's secrets will be revealed. Ric explains to Carly why he couldn't resign and she warns him that she's got something on him if he ever chooses to go after her husband. Liz will be drawn to Ric even more.

Sonny continues to spiral out of control and it may be Jason that saves him. Jason puts his plan into motion and Faith will be heavily involved in the mob stories.

Courtney tries to save Carly and hand out some advice.
Big Bro stops Gia in her tracks.
Lucky is torn between father, brother and lover.

Liz and Ric make love.  Zander rescues Ned from a fire in the Gatehouse.  Sonny slips deeper and deeper into a dark place. Nikolas paid Summer to pursue Luke. Alexis's freedom comes with a big ultimatum. More people close to Sonny are in danger. Ric can't kill Faith, per Sonny's order.

Spring Preview 

What's up with Jax? - "We're going into a period where we're making him a lot colder and more removed -- more of that James Bond type, nobody-gets-below-the-surface, kind of a guy," says co-headwriter Charles Pratt Jr..Robert Guza Jr., "Who's the woman that is going to give Jax back his heart and make him take another chance on love? We'll be dropping clues throughout this spring."
Lucky - Nikolas will have an effect on his brother's romance with Summer, "It will lead into a very surprising reveal as to the real nature of what's going on with Summer," says Guza. Pratt, "On an emotional level, Lucky's relationship will take a new turn as he realizes that Summer, a woman who up until now has been about nothing but secrets, is about even more secrets."
Ric's Secrets -
Spring builds up to Sonny's discovery that Ric allegedly slept with Carly, "and how he's going to find out," Guza teases.  Pratt, "The secret behind who Ric really is, why he's here and doing what he's doing... we're going to see that there's a motivation behind it... it's going to turn into a mushroom cloud over the Corinthos family." Liz, as a result, "is going to come to the wonderful realization that she likes this guy for who he is, what he says, and for whatever spark she first saw in him, before she knew he was connected to any of these people." 
Jason and Sonny - 
  "Sonny's paranoia and breakdown increases," shares Guza. "Remember, we've done this a number of times before, and the one who can bring Sonny out of it more often than Carly is Jason."  Pratt, "Jason now is up there right next to Sonny as an equal power. Can Sonny accept that?" 
More on Sonny -
"His behavior (regarding his family) borders on the irrational. And as the mob boss begins to fear that no matter what he does, nothing will be enough, he goes to a very dark place...his mind isn't as sharp as it's been.  He begins to lose focus. Most importantly, a very scary paranoia sets in." 
"What's going to be more pivotal to Sonny? The fact that Carly lied to him (about what she thinks happened with Ric), or the fact that Ric took advantage of her?" (Pratt)

Sonny blames Courtney for his problems with Jason. Dara returns to defend Alexis at her trial for Alcazar's Murder.

Scoops: Carly suffers an injury. Carly confronts Ric and tells him he's not fooling her and confides in Courtney that Sonny may not be the father of her baby, that Ric could be the Daddy.   
Ric goes to Faith with an offer she may not want to refuse and begins to sense that his life is in danger.
Zander says a big "NO" when Scott asks him to help find evidence against Alexis.
Sonny and Jason work out their differences.
Liz is furious when Courtney visits a wounded Ric in the hospital.
Ned's mother, Tracy, returns to Port Charles. And she is definitely into the role of "Grandmama" to Little Kristina. 
"Kristina" stabs Cameron on The Witness Stand.
Jason begins to put two and two together, and it adds up that Faith poisoned TWO people....her Grandmother and Sam.

Cast News: Jane Elliot is returning to her role of Tracy Quartermaine for three months.  Tracy will be hitting town with now grown son Dillon. We should see her back on-screen by mid-May.
Wagner decided to leave they could not come to terms with the negotiations.
TV Guide online is reporting Wagner’s last airdate was Feb.13th.  The show is now desperate to put some closure on the Felicia role.

Benny dies!

Jason and Courtney give in to temptation and make love this week! Courtney and Jason discuss their relationship. Jason reconfirms his love for Courtney. 

Carly is scared, she doesn't want anything to go wrong with the baby.  Carly covers about her reaction to learning Ric knows she's pregnant says her hormones are kicking in.  Sonny vows to keep their baby safe.  Ric approaches Carly asks her if there is a way the baby could be his.

Nikolas throws money at the Summer situation. To protect Lucky.  Luke denies Summer, because of Lucky.  Summer wants Lucky back, but will he believe her sincere? Luke reacts to the news that Nikolas has been Laura’s caretaker, so Luke and Nikolas continue to butt heads. 

Cameron realizes that Alexis has been manipulating him all along.

Zander sees Emily!