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What I Predict

For April 2003 - Tracy comes into town and causes all sorts of havoc.  But G.H. needs the shake up so it will be nice to see the outcome.  What I predict is if Skye is not a Quartermaine, is her and Ned hooking up.  That will cause Jax to finally realize what a jerk he was, but he'll be too late.  The Ned/Skye/Cole triangle will begin with no room for him.  Emily will keep her breast cancer a secret, at least for now.  Liz will dump Ric after she sees him for what he really is.  Lucky will be torn between his old love for Liz and his new infatuation with Summer.  With the old Nik back on screen, his character will go over to the dark side.  I hope nothing happens with Sonny/Carly and Jason/Courtney.  I'm a little tired of them.  But I predict it will be the same old, same old.

For March 2003 - With Brenda leaving, it changes many things now on the G.H. canvas.  I predict that Sonny and Jason will drift further apart because of Sonny making Jason dump Courtney.  Ric will continue to be mysterious in regard to what he's doing in PC, with Liz following him like a puppy dog because he's her only friend right now.  The NuNuLucky will be a big hit and heat up the screen with Summer.  Cole, Skye, and Jax will be the next triangle.  I'm wishing for A.J., Felicia, and Mac to make their way back front and center.  

Jason and Brenda met up a few years back in Europe.  That's why she's back in town, to get him back..... 

Dara is back in town, she left because she was pregnant with Taggerts' baby.

For February 2003 - Let's just say I predict that G.H. will get better after this trial.  Courtney and Jason will be over, (thank God).  Liz will have a new career assisting Ric in and out of bed. The NuLucky will be a huge hit.  Luke will come back to his senses.  Nic and Gia will find different paths.  Alexis remembers killing Alcazar.  Last but not least, Carly and Sonny will split right after she finds out she's pregnant.