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Rumors - Is it true?

Carly and Sonny are nice to Liz because they find out she's pregnant with his niece or nephew.  Jason and Courtney tie the knot?  Dillon is gay?  

Older Rumors

Liz and Ric are off and Jason and Courtney will continue to be a couple.  Who will they pair Liz up with?  Maybe back with NuLucky!  And Coltin Scott out as Nik, but Tyler Christopher is back in!!  Tyler signing a two year contract.  Lane Davies signed a long contract too.

Fiona is not coming to G.H. as previously rumored. Does a baby die? - There's a twist to this one.... Ric is Sonny's brother.  Sonny doesn't know and Ric's not telling.  And Ric blames Sonny for the loss of his family. Did Sonny and Ric have the same father? Or was it the same mother?  So Courtney may be his sister.  Tracey Q is Ric's Boss.  AJ tries to kill Jason.  Alexis fights for Kristina even when she's cleared.  Who meets their maker late spring? Ned, AJ, Jax, Edward or Ric?  Felicia will die, leaving Mac with the Girrrrls. (and a vendetta) 

Per GHH sources tell us that Kristina Wagner has re-signed with GH for at least another two years....Those of you who emailed and asked about a rumor regarding Alicia Leigh Willis leaving in April, we can tell you this is not true, her contract cycle ends in June- and if for some reason TPTB were to let her out of her contract (and there is no such indication), it would not be known til May....Surprisingly, we are hearing that Coltin Scott is expected to re-sign with GH when the time comes...We are still trying to get more tangible information on the 'when and hows' regarding Finola Hughes' start date at GH, our sources tell us she is coming to GH, but the details surrounding her new deal are locked up tighter than a drum!  One source did whisper to us that we may see some signs on AMC soon...  Billy Warlock's  contract will be coming up for renewal this spring as well.

The Rumor is back....that a new guy may be on his way to Port Charles.... just for Skye. 

According to Sage, Journey isn't going to be ending as soon as it was expected but will be dragging through Spring, at least, with lots of long looks and stolen kisses.

Which one of the leading men on G.H. is leaving?  Jason???

GHH's sources tell us that Misha Mandel (who we have mentioned before) was called back for a second reading for the Dillon part, no indication yet if he actually won the role...Kristina Wagner should be making her decision known to ABC by week's end....we hear Ingo will likely re-sign with GH, although they are just beginning the negotiation process...  On another note, responding to a net rumor, our sources say that as far as they know, Robin Christopher has not asked to be let out of her contract. (Thanks GHH)